Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Pose Fair 2014}

I'm excited to unveil 8 EXCLUSIVE items to Pose Fair 2014. 'Mermaids' is a unisex couple's pose, meaning it works for both genders. 'Assassin' and 'The Magi' are also unisex. It should be noted that 'Assassin' can be used easily with right and left handed weapons. Please note that 'The Magi' comes with prim props while The Summoner comes with a copy/mod mesh staff. Pose Fair 2014 ALWAYS blows my mind with the sheer talent of animators and pose makers.

{Tuscan Valley}

Newness for The Liaison Collaborative's 'Poser Pavilion'. 'Beside You' is a unisex couple's pose, meaning it can be adjusted to fit any gender. 'Spring Stoll' is a model pack with fun movement and includes mirrored poses. Teleport to The Liaison Collaborative.